These are unprecedented times.

Our mission at Prepdeck is to bring back the joy of cooking, and we find solace in knowing that so many of our customers have been reconnecting with the joy of cooking as they shelter in place during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, for many others, these times are unlike any other, and hard times have fallen upon many families.

Prepdeck is proud to partner with No Kid Hungry, an organization that believes as we do, that no child should go hungry. Kids in need have missed millions of school meals due to closures, and No Kid Hungry is helping schools and community groups find new ways to feed and support these children.

During the month of April, Prepdeck will be donating $10 from every Prepdeck ordered to the No Kid Hungry organization. If you wish to make an additional donation, please visit

It's our hope, that together, we can make a difference and support those who need our support the most.

300,000 Meals for Hungry Kids

We did it! Thanks for participating in our Save $10, Give $10 Campaign to support No Kid Hungry.

04 Jun 2020

Coronavirus has impacted American families in countless ways. It's our responsibility as a small business to support and protect our communities during these difficult times. So, during the months of April and May, Prepdeck pitched in to support our most vulnerable communities by donating $10 from every Prepdeck purchased in April and May to No Kid Hungry's Coronavirus Relief Fund. No Kid Hungry has worked tirelessly  to make sure no child misses a meal during these especially difficult times, or any time.

Our original goal was to provide 100,000 meals for kids in need in partnership with No Kid Hungry. We're proud to announce that our campaign was a huge success. We smashed our original goal of providing 100,000 meals for kids in need. All in, together with your support, we donated 300,000 meals to children in need during the months of April and May.

We just wanted to take a minute to thank our loyal customers for your support. We could not have provided these meals without your help. So, together, we celebrate the success of a campaign that's created many meals for children during this difficult time. Thank you; may your family find joy and peace in the kitchen in times of difficulty and ease.