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5 Light Recipes to Help you Beat the Heat

Get our favorite light and refreshing recipes to keep you cool when the weather is hot, featuring a new brand ambassador recipe! 

18 Aug 2020

Ah, sweet, sweltering summer. We look forward to it all year long, but we’re reaching that unbearably hot time of year when fall can’t come soon enough. Never fear- we’re sharing some heat-busting recipes that are sure to become a family favorites. 

Read on for some of our all time favorite recipes for the dog days of summer. Don't forget to tag us on social when you try them in your kitchen so we can see your delicious creations!


1. Fruit Salsa and Baked Cinnamon Chips

We're starting off strong with a simple, crowd pleasing starter from the kitchen of Prepdeck ambassador Champaign and Coffee Stains. This recipe utilizes fresh summer fruit and has just the right amount of sweetness to keep the kiddos happy!

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2.  Summer Salad Bars

Get our guide to creating the perfect choose-your-own adventure salad bar that will have the kids  excited to eat their veggies! Eating healthy has never been more fun than with a DIY salad display featuring Prepdeck!

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3. Salmon with Herb Marinade

For a main course with flavors to surprise and delight, don't miss this salmon recipe from New York Times Cooking. The herb marinade adds just the right flavor to balance the salmon, and it's the perfect dish to combat the summer heat. Keep this one in mind for your next alfresco dinner party - your guests will be impressed!

NYT Cooking is FULL of great recipes and tutorials. You'll get full access this recipe and more when you purchase a Prepdeck+. For a limited time, every Prepdeck+ comes with 6-month access to New York Times Cooking App. 

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4. Grilled Tri Tip Sliders

Here's another main course that will take your grilling up a notch. This one comes from Prepdeck Ambassadors/ grill masters Twisted Brisket. At this point in the summer, chances are hotdogs and hamburgers are getting pretty old- this surprising and delicious slider recipe will quell your meat craving, but with a surprising twist. 

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5.  No Bake Lemon Custards with Strawberries

This quick and easy summertime desert isa great one to try for any strawberry shortcake lovers who are looking to expand their taste... ever so slightly. New York Times recipe write Melissa Clark has outdone herself with this delectable dish. 

Don't forget! When you purchase a Prepdeck+, you get full access to New York Times Cooking App!

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