These are unprecedented times.

Our mission at Prepdeck is to bring back the joy of cooking, and we find solace in knowing that so many of our customers have been reconnecting with the joy of cooking as they shelter in place during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, for many others, these times are unlike any other, and hard times have fallen upon many families.

Prepdeck is proud to partner with No Kid Hungry, an organization that believes as we do, that no child should go hungry. Kids in need have missed millions of school meals due to closures, and No Kid Hungry is helping schools and community groups find new ways to feed and support these children.

During the month of April, Prepdeck will be donating $10 from every Prepdeck ordered to the No Kid Hungry organization. If you wish to make an additional donation, please visit

It's our hope, that together, we can make a difference and support those who need our support the most.

Freedom in the form of a
kitchen accessory

  • Hidden accessory draw stacked with prepping tools like a grater, slicer, juicer and more!
  • Mini containers for small amounts of veggies, herbs or smaller liquids
  • 15 containers in 4 versatile sizes
  • Storage for knives and utensils
  • Trash compartment for collecting offcuts and waste
  • Customizable, magnetic, fold out cutting board

Adaptable to your menu

Good things come in small packages. Prepdeck adjusts to hold all of the ingredients you need - no matter the recipe.

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Not your mother’s cutting board

With a built-in cutting board attached you can spend more time cooking and less time prepping.

Folding out for quick convenience, the cutting board is magnetically attached to your Prepdeck making it easy to remove and clean.

Doubling as the exterior, you can match your Prepdeck to your kitchen’s style with ease. Plus, it has three additional carve-outs to make it even easier to keep prepped materials organized. Times have changed, so has our cutting board.

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Store anything, anytime

Prep your ingredients and conveniently store them in handy containers for later use. Cooking has never been easier.

With over 15 containers in four versatile sizes, we make it easy to store ingredients as you move through every recipe. Plus, you can ditch your measuring spoons and cups as each container has measurements markings in ounces, cups, and milliliters.

Did we mention the larger containers come with lids and are stackable? Prep everything in advance or easily tuck leftovers away in the fridge. Seem too good to be true? They’re also designed to be easily stored inside the Prepdeck to keep things as neat and compact as possible.

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Know how to accessorize

We’ve thought of everything. 45+ different features and accessories ensure you are well equipped to handle any recipe.

Stacked neatly inside your hidden accessory drawer are a juicer, zester, grater, slicer, and a 4-in-1 peeler. All made of the highest quality materials with efficiency and quality in mind.

With all of these conveniently stored in your Prepdeck gone are the days of ransacking your kitchen to find your ever-elusive zester. Staying organized just got a whole lot easier!

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Tablet Stand

It's never been easier to follow your favorite recipes while you cook when you combine this Tablet / Phone Stand with Prepdeck!

Everything You Need,
Right At Your Fingertips

Utensil Storage

Never again feel the frustration of not finding your most commonly used cooking utensils. Thanks to Prepdeck’s built in storage compartment, you can now house your cooking sidekicks in a hidden and convenient location, ready and waiting for you when you need them.

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Knife Block

The Prepdeck Knife Block is as functional as it is beautiful. Made from hand-finished sustainable Bamboo, the Knife Block fits seamlessly inside the Prepdeck Storage Drawer, keeping your counter clear and your knives ready for you when you need them.

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