These are unprecedented times.

Our mission at Prepdeck is to bring back the joy of cooking, and we find solace in knowing that so many of our customers have been reconnecting with the joy of cooking as they shelter in place during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, for many others, these times are unlike any other, and hard times have fallen upon many families.

Prepdeck is proud to partner with No Kid Hungry, an organization that believes as we do, that no child should go hungry. Kids in need have missed millions of school meals due to closures, and No Kid Hungry is helping schools and community groups find new ways to feed and support these children.

During the month of April, Prepdeck will be donating $10 from every Prepdeck ordered to the No Kid Hungry organization. If you wish to make an additional donation, please visit

It's our hope, that together, we can make a difference and support those who need our support the most.

Does your messy kitchen stress you out?

Let's face it, cooking is messy. For any given recipe, you might use 5 pots, pans and containers and twice as many cooking utensils. Not the mention raw ingredients that somehow end up on almost every countertop.

It's hard to enjoy cooking when there's a new mess at every step.

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Eliminate the mess

We all love the feeling of creating a delicious home cooked meal, but dread the mess it leaves behind.

There is a way to stay tidy while you cook and enjoy the process.

A tidy station to streamline your kitchen

Say goodbye to a messy, disorganized, stressful cooking process. Prepdeck brings chef-approved mise en place techniques to the home cook so you can prep meals with ease and efficiency.

Prepdeck's 45+ tools and features organize and streamline your cooking process to contain your mess and reduce stress.

Take cooking to the next level
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